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energy testimonial for health and beauty 4 moms

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joint pain testimonial for health and beauty 4 moms

I grew up chubby, I was shamed in school, and after 4 children, I was a mess. Ngo helped me get to this ideal body weight, where I am healthy, not dried up like a stick, and still look amazing!

young face3


Mom of 4

product price testimonial for health and beauty 4 moms

You can say I am biased because Ngo is my wife, but my stable, normal blood sugar levels and flat stomach is a result of her patience with me. She believes anyone can do it!

Chijioke and Ngozi Agina


Dad of 4

weight loss testimonial for health and beauty 4 moms

Working with women has never been my thing, but Ngo treated me with respect and got me to this performance state that I am grateful for.

black man2



When my husband (who isn’t great at noticing details), recently commented on my glowing skin and cheerful mood, I knew I was doing something right!

Happy Mom, Happy Home!

food prep


Mom of 2

Staying up all night to study led to bad habits of eating round the clock and I couldn’t stop once I started. In one of Ngo’s programs, I learned how my body works and how to nourish it to remove cravings completely!




joint pain testimonial for health and beauty 4 moms

As an athlete, all I needed was to remain in peak performance state throughout each game. With Ngo’s help, I now have energy that lasts till the end of every sports activity and enough for my family as well!



Mom of 4

Work pressure got me hooked on coffee. With time, I completely lost appetite as I looked like a shadow of my former self. With Ngo’s self-care program, life currently looks radiant!

happy, confident woman


Graphic Designer

My Self-confidence got a huge boost when I started fitting into my clothes again through Ngo’s program. I no longer easily feel exhausted and I look great!


Amanda, Entrepreneur

Mom of 3

“Your Body Should Tell The Story Of Who You Have Become And A Lovely Sight To Behold”

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