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Protein Diet: The Best Way to Lose Weight

Protein - What is it?

Protein is a nutrient found in a variety of foods. It is present in every single cell of your body and is considered the building block of life.

It is an essential nutrient that helps with building muscle mass, maintaining bone health, and strengthening your immune system.

The skeleton is your body’s frame, while your muscle keeps it upright.

Being overweight puts a strain on your body but so does being underweight, which increases the risk of some diseases.

How does protein help with weight loss?

This post will explore how these foods help with weight management and the best time to consume them for maximum benefits.

Some healthy sources of these amino acid-forming foods and the recommended daily amount to be eaten.

Eating protein for Weight Management

Do you know that eating protein-rich foods does wonders for your weight loss and overall health?

protein diet, protein for weight loss, eggs for breakfast

This is because protein not only increases muscle mass, it helps stimulate your metabolism and controls body fat intake, according to Science Daily.

Researches show that more intake of these power foods can help with controlling your appetite making you feel full for longer periods.

There’s less likelihood of having cravings and it reduces inflammation.

Luckily, you don’t need to count every calorie during consumption – eat an appropriate amount and you are good to go.

Natural Sources of Protein

High protein diets are a popular weight-loss strategy, but sometimes it’s not always clear which ones are best for you.

Some examples of foods with high amounts of amino acids are as follows:

  • a large whole egg = 6g (the whites are pure protein)
  • Almonds =6g per 28g
  • 1 roasted chicken breast = 53g (without the skin)
  • Oats = 11g per cup
  • A can of tuna = 27g

Complete and Incomplete Proteins

A protein is formed out of 20 types of amino acids, all connected to one another but the human body makes only 11 on its own.

The remaining 9, called essential amino acids, have to be sourced from the food we eat. Any food that supplies all missing 9 is called complete.

These 9 amino acids are typically found in animal products like meat, fish, soy bean products, eggs, and dairy.

They contain all the nutrients your body needs to function properly.

turkey, source of protein, weight loss protein diet

On the other hand, foods that are not able to do this are called incomplete.

healthy vegan weight loss program

Majority of these foods are vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds and some whole grains like whole-wheat bread and brown rice.

Quantity of Protein Recommended for You

Dietary reference intake (DRI) suggests 0.36g per kilogram of a person’s body weight, although, requirements may vary due to age, gender, and physical activity level.

This means that a young person with higher physical activity levels than adults would require more protein

protein diet, protein for weight loss, eggs for breakfast

From the quickest breakfast option to the perfect dish for a post-workout refuel, it can power your way to a healthier lifestyle with this simple meal plan below.

Older adults need more daily intake to help maintain bone health & muscle mass and especially during acute illness/ hospitalization.

The Best time for Protein intake

It was discovered that timing played an important role in order to derive benefits since your body cannot process more than 25 to 35g per serving.

A study published in the journal of nutrition found that a protein-rich meal eaten before exercise helped people lose more weight than those who did not.

exercise for weight loss, fitness, keeping fit

That immediate stimulus is what your body needs as the contained amino acids serve as building blocks of strength during exercise.

When eaten within 30 minutes after each exercise or workout, it helps with muscle recovery and muscle tissue repair.

Your tissue regeneration process is a must to replenish the proteins, fats & sugars broken down by the stress hormones during the exercise.

Meals eaten during dinner containing adequate amounts of protein prevent unhealthy late night snacking.

To wrap things up

This article was written to help you make informed decisions concerning your nutrition and/or weight loss goals.

When it comes to using protein as part of your weight-loss strategy, there are no downsides. We hope this information has been helpful.

If you would like a meal plan that includes healthy protein foods that your body needs, we have created a free one for you here…

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