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Ngozi Chijioke-Agina

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A woman’s nature is to care for others before herself.

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Ngozi Chijioke-agina

Where it Started...

I woke up one morning with a new baby in my arms, and a toddler, to the news that my mom had gone to be with the Lord.

She had lived through stressful conditions that led to health complications.

What had happened?

It was quite simple…

When her body could no longer cope, she lost the battle of survival.

For me on the other hand, I got to the edge of my own health after the birth of my 4th baby.

What I discovered

With Extra Weight on my body, my immune system collapsed, I started experiencing joint pains, and my eyesight started failing. Have you ever felt scared that your children would be brought up by ANOTHER WOMAN? Climbing stairs was tough, I couldn’t pick a pen without cursing the floor; I was always bloated, uncomfortable and short-tempered. I started wondering “how much longer can I take this pain”? To complicate issues, my body often had adverse reactions to standard medications and painkillers.

How I Can Help You

When doctors couldn’t help me, I was forced to search online for help.

I was introduced to healthy lifestyle changes, with products that made all the difference, and I learned to eat my way to a normal body weight.

Today, I am healthier and more capable of maintaining my health than I have been at any previous time in my life.

My mission is to help you avoid restricting diets and frustrating exercises and show you how to have fun in your lifestyle journey.

I am Ngozi Chijioke-Agina, Founder and CEO of Health and Beauty 4 Moms. I am passionate about seeing moms thrive in their health, well-being and their looks.
I only help women who are ready to lose all excess baby weight and look far younger than their age, without frustrating diets.
Women who are ready for accountability, in order to achieve their goals in a very short period of time.

My Proven System

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"My blood sugar dropped from 13 to 7.2 this morning, which is really awesome! and for the past 4 days, has remained less than 9. What I value most is my mindset change. Thanks Ngo, for all you do"
Mom of 3

My Lovely Family

I am grateful to God for these Amazing humans!

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